Investigación en TICs

Research stay in Simula Research Laboratory

Ph.D. student Aitor Arrieta is currently doing a research stay in Oslo, more specifically in Simula Research Laboratory, inside the department of software engineering. The research in which Aitor is involved aims at reducing the time needed to test and validate Cyber-Physical Systems product lines and configurable Cyber-Physical Systems. These systems combine digital technologies with physical processes, and can get configured into many configurations. Testing all the configurations is infeasible due to timing constraints, and as a result, the verification and validation process becomes a challenge. The objective of Aitor Arrieta in this research stay is to develop and test several algorithms that cost-effectively improves the efficiency of testing Cyber-Physical Systems Product lines.

Aitor Arrieta has joined a research group lead by Dr. Tao Yue and Dr. Shaukat Ali. The other members of the research group are Dr. Shuai Wang, who has a post doctoral position and Ph.D. students Dipesh Pradhan, Hong Lu and Man Zhang. Among others, the expertise area of this group includes search-based engineering, requirements engineering and model-based product line engineering.

Figure 1: From left to right, Man Zhang, Hong Lu, Tao Yue, Dipesh Pradhan and Aitor Arrieta

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