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e-readers vs paper books

Summer makes beaches get crowded of people… and of books! Summer is everyone’s favourite reading season. On top of that, lately beaches have been full not only of paper books, but also of electronic books. The advantages of these little devices are pretty obvious, but there’s also lots of people against them. What we want to analyse, as always, comes from a different perspective:

From an ecological point of view,

what is cleaner, to use ebooks or paper books?

Since we look mostly at the environment, we’ve been making some calcs. The answer is not very obvious, but a general idea would be this one:

Looking at average figures,

ebooks have smaller environmental impact

if you use them to read more than 32 books.

So if you read more than 32 books on a e-reader, you’ll be polluting less than if you do the same on paper books.

For this to be true, some things must happen:

Reading is always a win-win option, but if you do it in a responsible way it is even better. Just don’t stop reading this summer… nor the rest of the year!

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