Collaboration with Middlesex University and research student

Research Student Unai Alegre, from Mondragon University, is visiting the “Research group on the development of Intelligent Environments” at the University of Middlesex until June 2014.


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As a result of this collaboration a research paper entitled “Previous status based extension of a reasoning framework for simple context awareness” will be presented in the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Environment in Shangai (China). The authors of the paper are the Embedded systems master degree student Unai Alegre (Mondragon Unibertsitatea), Juan Carlos Augusto (Middlesex University) and Asier Aztiria (Mondragon Unibertsitatea).

The research work carried out at the University of Middlesex is an extension of a previous work done by Juan Carlos Augusto and Asier Aztiria. Unai Alegre has extended a learning algorithm that can be applied in Intelligent Environments.

“One of the most important challenges of the creation of intelligent environments is the specifications of what intelligent behaviours will the system exhibit. This usually takes the form of reactions from the system to specific situations of interest and the associated actions the system is expected to take in those situations. On the other hand, the processing of these situations can be computationally demanding. We report on the advances of the specification of a rule-based language which allows for the natural expression of situations of interest as those which occur on Intelligent Environments like smart homes and smart offices. The language focus on quasi real-time situations and includes new temporal operators which allows a natural reference to time instants and to intervals.”

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    Kevin Murray

    Are you also researching Intelligent Environments like smart schools? The US military does a great job creating and using artificially intelligent software to train people. I seek to learn how we can use this kind of technology in the civilian task known as teaching literacy and numeracy to children in government schools.

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