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Arrowhead is addressing efficiency and flexibility at the global scale by means of collaborative automation for five application verticals. That means production (manufacturing, process, energy), smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility and virtual market of energy. Arrowhead has a budget of 67 million and is funded by the European Union, National Authorities (Ministry of Industry in Spain) and the different partners in the consortium. 77 entities from 15 countries form the consortium of this four year long project.

The objective of the Arrowhead project is to address the technical and applicative challenges associated to cooperative automation:

  • Provide a technical framework adapted in terms of functions and performances
  • Propose solutions for integration with legacy systems
  • Implement and evaluate the cooperative automation through real experimentations in applicative domains: electro-mobility, smart buildings, infrastructures and smart cities, industrial production, energy production and energy virtual market
  • Point out the accessible innovations thanks to new services
  • Lead the way to further standardization work

Mondragon University participates in the Smart buildings and infrastructure pilot domain. More precisely Mondragon University participates in two demonstrators within this pilot:

  • Eco-sufficient home: The main objective of this demonstrator is the deployment and validation of the embedded intelligence for new and networkable domestic appliances and systems dedicated to energy management and energy efficiency awareness allowing users to participate actively in the process of improving European eco-sufficiency.
  • Intelligent urban lighting: Three incremental prototypes will be deployed in a real scenario to transform the urban lighting of Barcelona and San Sebastián towards a more energy-efficient illumination solution minimizing light waste and reducing CO2 emissions.

Arrowhead has planned three generations of demonstrations. First demonstration of Arrowhead compliant technology enabling Eco-sufficient homes developed by Mondragon University was shown at Stavanger, Norway earlier this summer where more than 20 demonstrations from the five Arrowhead pilots were also presented.

Between October 7th and 9th, Arrowhead arranged another workshop in San Sebastian, Spain at Orona Ideo facilities, hosted by Orona with the collaboration of IK4-Ikerlan and Mondragon University. Partners worked on defining and applying common design methodologies for interoperable services and selecting interoperability enabling technologies. The objective was to share these two in order to be able to deploy Arrowhead compliant solutions for the different demonstrators.


ARROWHEAD project has been co-funded by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, Reference 332987 and by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Reference ART-010000-2013-3, within the call “ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking – ARTEMIS-2012-1”.

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