Korrika is coming… to Hernani!

Next tuesday, April 4th, the 20th edition of Korrika will run through Hernani, next to San Sebastian. Korrika is an activity to support Basque language, Euskera, and it literally means “running”: it (very briefly) consists on running through the Basque Country to raise awareness for this ancent language. On this edition, the student of the campus of Orona Ideo have adquired half a kilometer, and for that end they have been organising different activities throughout the year.
The day will run like this:
  • 10.45: lessons will stop.
  • 11.00: KORRIKA arrives to Hernani.
  • 11:25: turn for Mondragon Unibertsitatea. We will take the baton near Lidl supermarket, and it will be carried between students and university personel.

We will go back to university then, where these activities will take place:

  • 12.30: concert of Jurgi Ekiza (singer of Willis Drummond), in PBL room.
  • 13.30: healthy lunch on the first floor (activity within the Heathly Week organized by Sport Services).
  • 14.30: lessons start again.
This activities are open to all university personnel and also to any non-related person, apart from students. In this case, those who might want to attend the concert or the lunch please contact this email address: hlegorburu@mondragon.edu. There will be free access until no more seats are left.
Students who want to attend, please contact their class representatives.
We hope to see you here!!

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